Cloud Accounting Services in Wilmslow

Many businesses want to streamline their processes and look at cloud accounting but don’t know where to start. At Shackleton Stott, we’ll guide you through the entire process, making it easy to understand and find the perfect match for your business.

About Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting is one of the most exciting developments in the accounting industry, allowing a secure and central point for your financial data. This live accounting software is an online service, eliminating the need to host the software on an in-house server and access takes place through a secure internet connection.

It means that nothing needs to be installed or updated on your business computers and devices, and multiple users have access via password-protected accounts.

Why Choose Us for Your Cloud Accounting in Wilmslow

If you are a business based in Wilmslow and would like to take advantage of our professional cloud c-o-n-n-e-c-t  services, get in touch.

LOCAL: Our local service results in a personalised service. Our friendly team take the time to understand your business needs so you can get the best out of any cloud accounting software.

BESPOKE: We understand that every business is different. Therefore, we ensure you’ll be able to maximise your cloud accounting package to its full potential, putting your business setup at the heart of your cloud accounting strategy.

COST: Our packages are all inclusive at a fixed cost meaning you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.

EXPERTS: We have experience across a wide range of industries, bringing our cloud accounting expertise to businesses, whatever sector they’re in. Our three cloud packages are: Xero, Sage and Intuit Quickbooks.

Benefits of Cloud Accounting

Some of the best benefits of cloud accounting include:

  • Visibility: Cloud accounting has revolutionised the way businesses keep and access their financial records, and also how they interact with their own clients. Cloud accounting allows a real-time picture of a business’ finances at any time.
  • Improved performance: Cloud accounting allows businesses to access up to date information whenever they need it and from any location. This means they can understand their finances on a daily basis and identify improvements.
  • Collaborative working: Cloud accounting allows multi-user access to data and information in one central place, making it easier across the team. However, many businesses are also giving access to their accountants which means they can add more value to your business and become more of a strategic partner to your success. You can set individual limits for each user, so they only have access to the parts of the software required for their role.
  • Increased security: Cloud accounting provides secure accounting methods that many companies can’t provide without great costs to themselves. It leaves no trace of your financial data on any device, and all data is encrypted and password protected.

Cloud Accounting vs. Traditional Accounting

Traditional accounting software has several drawbacks when compared to cloud accounting’s more modern methods. The increased security has the benefits of less in-house processes and costs. Maintenance, expensive updates and timely data backups are all dealt with offsite by the software vendor, eliminating the need for these IT in-house processes.

Traditional accounting software can also be incredibly limited, with access restricted to certain computers and file sharing required in order for data to be updated. Cloud accounting increases the flexibility of financial processes rather than being restricted by access issues. You can also integrate the cloud accounting functions you need for your business, meaning you can adapt the software for your business needs.

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