Cloud Accounting Services in Leigh

As one of the most exciting developments in the accounting industry, many businesses are turning to cloud software to streamline their processes. Here at Shackleton Stott, we’ll guide you through the process, using our expertise to show you how to get the most out of cloud accounting for your business.

About Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting provided the same functions as in-house processes but is run through secure, offsite servers, storing all your data online. Users gain access through the internet via a secure connection, enabling multipleusers to access information from any location, anytime, usingany device. You can set limits for each employee, so they only have access to the parts of the software they need.

This eliminates the need to install accounting software on the user’s computers and devices.All maintenance, backups and updates are handled by the cloud accounting software, reducing the need for costly and less secure in-house IT procedures.

Why Choose Us for your Cloud Accounting in Leigh

If you are a business based in Leigh, and you’re interested in exploring cloud accounting, get in touch with Shackleton Stott.

LOCAL:As a local company, we offer a more personal service. Our professional and friendly staff are on hand to take you through all aspects of cloud accounting from start to finish.

COSTS: When using new software, businesses often worry about hidden costs. Our packages are all-inclusive, so you’ll have one fixed cost.

VALUE: We’re passionate about businesses getting the most out of cloud accounting, so we ensure you use it to its full potential. Our servicesare bespoke, meaning that we put your business set-up at the centre of your cloud accounting strategy to ensure you get the best package for your needs.

EXPERTISE:We have experience across a range of sectors, meaning that we have all the expertise you need to get setup and guided through the maze of cloud accounting. We’re certified in three cloud accounting packages: Sage, Intuit Quickbooks and Xero.

Our full list of cloud c-o-n-n-e-c-t service can be found here.

Benefits of Cloud Accounting

Some of the main advantages of cloud accounting include:

  • Greater security of data stored on offsite servers and automatic backups
  • A real-life financial overview available at any time from any location
  • Updates and maintenance all dealt with by the accounting vendor, reducing the need for expensive upgrades
  • Greater collaboration across teams who can all access the same central information via their own password-protected accounts
  • Enhanced visibility and automated processes reduce errors and compliance risks
  • Integration with cloud-based software increases flexibility and control when implementing the processes you need for your business

Cloud Accounting vs. Traditional Accounting

Cloud accounting is often seen as the step forward in accounting processes. When compared with traditional accounting methods:

  1. Multiple users can access central information, compared with the limited access of traditional accounting software.
  2. It adds value by being tailored to your business needs and your own setup. Features are also more user-friendly, making navigation easier.
  3. It saves time and money with fewer in-house processes required such as backups, downloads and upgrades.
  4. It’s more secure as cloud accounting leaving no traces of your data on the device it’s viewed on, all accounts being password-protected and information is encrypted. This is much more secure than using onsite hard drive to perform backups.

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